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Clover Event

Event 04.May.2022

Hello outlaw

I am GM Henry.

We have prepared a small event ahead of Family Month.

Get rich rewards at Outlaw in May!

Event Name: Clover Event

Date and time: 2022. 05. 05 (Thu) ~ 2020. 05. 15 (Sun)

Event Description:

- Choose the highest reward level yourself.

- In addition to the selected reward, various rewards are set.

- Consume clover to open slots and obtain rewards.

- When you acquire the selected reward, the following reward list is displayed.

- Event currency acquisition information is reset every day at 24:00.

- Each reward can be acquired up to 2 times.

- Clover can be obtained from attendance, battle completion, and the shop.

- Free and paid clovers will disappear when the event period ends. Consume them all before the event ends.

Notice :

- This event benefit cannot be processed outside of the specified period.

- Abusing the event in an unlawful way may result in sanctions.

- Clover consumed due to the end of the event period will not be restored or compensated. Please use them all within the event period.