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May 17 (Tue) 47th update notice

Patch Notes 16.May.2022

Hello, I'm GM Henry.

The following update will be held on May 17 (Tuesday).

Please check the details below for details.

Due to the recent corona virus, Google and App Store inspections have been delayed.

The update schedule may inevitably be delayed, so we ask for your patience in this regard.

Estimated inspection time: 5/17 (Tuesday) 10:00 ~ 12:00

To minimize unnecessary inspection time

We ask for your understanding as the maintenance time may change depending on the circumstances of the App Store.

[Update Details]

1. ZEPETO login function is added.

2. Guest logout function is added.

3. A new skill, Sorcery is added.


- Rank: Legend

- Description: Makes your character smaller for a certain period of time, making it difficult for opponents to attack.

4. Siren's skill is added in Monster Defense.

- Among the monsters, the Siren will be changed to use the Three Stars and Eruption Shot skills starting from Step 4.

5. Attribute probability drop prevention coupon item is added.

6. Press the skill fire button during battle to generate vibration.

7. Bug fixes and improvements

- Fixed a bug with the store discount rate pop-up display

- Tutorial Henry photo missing work

- Added battle pop-up after purchasing matching ticket

- Fixed the problem of not deleting the lobby notification effect

- Fixed an issue where gold was displayed in card pack rewards

- Fixed a problem with the skill recovery effect at the start of the game

- Fixed an issue where ranking points could not be initialized

- Fixed other problem with specific user's cumulative ranking display

- Fixed an issue where the daily mission Tuesday single mode could not be cleared

- Fixed an issue where special moves would be completed when bots use special moves

- Fixed an issue where the rage skill icon was incorrectly marked.

- Fixed the part where the anger amplification skill level 1 data was incorrectly applied

- Fixed a problem with creatures appearing in the UI

- Fixed incorrect new mark on mission button

- Fixed dungeon advanced reward button effect

- Fixed the effect not being exposed when using the creature skill

- Daily mission UI resolution response

- Added moving to the lobby battle screen when purchasing a matching ticket

- Fixed a bug with the store event display pop-up

If the post is modified due to the addition of other notices

Please note that (additional) is indicated in the title.

Please read the notices and updates carefully.

thank you.