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Skill Deck Sharing Event

Event 03.May.2022

Hello outlaw

I am GM Henry.

A skill deck sharing event is scheduled.

Create your own deck and shoot a winning video

Cafe > If you post it on the free bulletin board, we will vote for 1st to 3rd places and give you rewards!


Please see below for more details, and we look forward to your participation!

Event Name: Skill Deck Sharing Event

How to participate:

1) After recording the winning video with the deck I made, upload it to Cafe > Free Bulletin Board. (Nick name must be indicated)

2) After the management team first selects 3 decks, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places are decided through a total vote.

3) You will be rewarded according to your ranking.

Upload period: 2022. 05. 02 ~ 2022. 05. 06

Candidate selection and voting: 2022. 05. 09 ~ 2022. 05. 12

Ranking disclosure: 2022. 05. 13

compensation :

- 1st place: S-class character pack

- 2nd place: S-class card pack

- 3rd place: Creature Pack

Notice :

- This benefit is only available during the event period.

- Participation in an illegal way may result in sanctions.

thank you.