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Article 1. Purpose
The purpose of this Operation Policy (hereinafter, the “Operation Policy”) is to specify mandatory matters to enable smooth and comfortable use of Outlaw service provided by Zepetto (hereinafter, the “Company”).
This Operating Policy is in addition to conditions in the Terms of Service, and the Company is not responsible for any damages caused by not checking the Operating Policy.
The Company may change the operation policy from time to time in order to provide stable game operation and service, and we will notify the changes in in-game service, loading screen, or the official cafe, etc. Users are advised to check the notices regularly to confirm any changes to avoid any damages or inconvenience.
Conditions that not specified in this Operating Policy are subject to the Company's Terms of Service, relevant regulations that may be announced time to time, and the general business practices.

Article 2. User’s Rights and Obligation
User's game information (The overall gameplay information such as character information, items, game money, etc.) is owned by the Company. Users are authorized to use the information.
When registering as a member, users must sign up with their personal information. If you input false information or sign up by name of another person, you will not receive any protection from the Company. In addition, there may be exclusions from events and service restrictions.
Users should not violate the Terms of Service, the Operating Policy, and the Privacy Policy. Furthermore, Users shall use a common sense and should not take any action that may be considered as a socially unacceptable behaviour. If your action cause damages to other users, you are responsible for the damage caused.
Users shall not engage in any profit-making activity using any contents provided by the game service, without prior consent of the Company.
Users must notify the Company when they discover or detect any vulnerabilities (bugs, system errors, illegal programs, etc.) of Outlaw service. Users shall not inform other users of the vulnerabilities found, and shall not abuse and exploit the vulnerabilities.
If, when any vulnerabilities are found, an exploit or notification to other Users is made without notifying the Company, it may be deemed as an intentional unlawful act, and the use of the Outlaw service may be restricted in accordance with this Operation Policy, and may be punished by relevant laws if applicable.
If a user uses an unauthorized program that is not officially provided by the Company and cause any damage, the user shall be responsible for the resulting damanges.
If it is determined that User has been treated unfairly, User may contact and request correction through the official channel below;
1. CS Center 1:1 inquiry https://outlaw.zepetto.com/ticket/list
2. Customer Center Business Hours
Day Time Day Off
Monday ~ Friday 11 AM ~ 5 PM
(Lunch Hour 12:30 PM ~ 1:30 PM)
Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays
3. 1:1 inquiry response may be delayed depending on the amount and content of the inquiry received.
c Users must respect the rights of others, including third-party copyrights. If the property is used without prior permission of the copyright holder, Company will consider as copyright infringement under current copyright law. Therefore, if you find relevant information, you must notify the Company so that the Company can take appropriate action.

Users should make every and best effort to protect their game ID.

Article 3. Company Obligations and Rights
Company shall comply with the Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy, and Operation Policy, and shall do its best to prevent acts that violate the terms and provide stable service.
Company shall receive reports of all types of bugs and errors that may occur in the game, and shall endeavors to check, correct, and improve the bugs received.
Company may not respond to, or may provide limited response to, those inquiries that are directed toward future updates, development directions, other contents that cannot be disclosed due to the nature of the game.
The Company is a service provider and will never intervene in disputes among users from a neutral standpoint. However, if a dispute between users violates the Operating Policy or the Terms of Service, or it is determined that a normal service operation is difficult, Company will take the necessary action after reviewing the matter forma neutral point of view.

Article 4. Changes and Notices of Operating Policy
The detailed standard operation standards of Outlaw service provided to users by the Company are based on the Operation Policy.
Company may change the Operation Policy for the best game operation, and the User should check the changed terms regularly.
If the Operating Policy is changed, Company will notify through the official community, or in-game loading screen at least 7 days prior to the application date (30 days before if the changes are disadvantageous to Users or if the changes are severely important).
Company shall not be responsible for any matters arising from User’s fail to understand or comply with the changed policies,if the changes were notified by the Company through the due process outlined here.
If User continues to use the Outlaw service after the application date of the changed Operating Policy, it shall be deemed that the User is in agreement

Article 5. Account Management
The Company endeavors to protect the User's account and personal information. However, users are primarily responsible for managing their own account and personal information.
Users are responsible for any and all consequences arising from a 3rd party’s use User's ID, password or any information included in User’s personal information. Users are solely responsible for any damages caused by User’s mismanagement of its personal information, including damages to User’s Outlaw account, damages caused by a 3rd parties illegal use, etc. and the Company shall NOT be responsible.
Users must not use or steal personal information from third parties. The act of stealing personal information of a third party will be considered as a criminal act and may be punished by relevant laws.
If you attempt to share your account information with third parties, or attempt to trade account information, game character, game items etc. in exchange for cash or goods, you may be subject to sanctions from using the game service without prior warning. Any and all responsibilities arising from this are the responsibility of the User who registered the account information. In addition, transactions or transfers of account information, characters, items, etc. are not permitted. The Company is not responsible for any damage caused by sharing accounts with third parties.

Article 6. Naming Policy
In the process of using Outlaw service, Users can freely select the name of the game character, the name of the clan/circle, other configurable nicknames etc. However, if the following names are found to be used in thegame, its use may be restricted or it may be changed without prior warning, and the Company may take corresponding actions.
  • Name that impersonates a company employee or operator (GM), or is deemed to have an intention to impersonate
  • Name that is sexual, obscene, and profane which can be offensive to other users
  • Name that promote socio-cultural conflicts, which relates to politics, regional sentiment, sex, religion, nationality, and racial discrimination etc.
  • Names of inappropriate nature which can make others uncomfortable involving slang, human body, or related functions of human body, etc.
  • Publicly known names, trademarks, and names that may violate trademark, copyright, and ownership rights of third parties
  • Names deemed to be intentional for cash, item, or account transactions
  • Names containing sentences and phrases advertising specific objects
  • Names of contents that violate related laws and regulations
At the sole discretion of the Company, any name similar to the above type of names shall be also prohibited, including names with slightly different spelling or alphabet order.
Users who finds a name corresponding to the above are requested to report it to the Company, and the Company may forcibly change the name or take corresponding actions following reasonable and objective judgment.

Article 7. Recovery
When information such as character, item, game money, etc. is lost or is changed due to the technical error of the game service, the Company will only recover the game information which can be verified through objective data and information. If data cannot be verified, such information shall not be recovered.
Recovery support is only available if the account cannot be accessed due to a change of mobile device.
If you apply for withdrawal, your information will be completely deleted after 7 days. If you access the game within 7 days, you can cancel the withdrawal and play the game again, but after 7 days, your information will be completely deleted and recovery is not possible.
Requests for item and account recovery must be submitted to the Company through a 1:1 inquiry within 5 days of the problem. Assistance will not be possible after the submission window of 5 days.
Inquiries can only be processed through the ID (Account) of which the problem occurred. Requests through other IDs (Accounts) shall not be accepted.
Request for recovery is possible only through 1:1 inquiry, and you must supply the following information.
  • Game character name, user number, name of the missing item (please also write the quantity accurately), date/time of the loss, the way the item disappeared (please write as specific and detailed as possible), consent to recovering once only per account: (e.g. write “I agree to recover once per account”.)
After receiving item recovery once per account, additional recovery support shall not be provided.
Recovery requests are processed in the order in which they are received, and it may take some time to check for errors, game records, and determine authenticity.
The Company will not perform recovery for the following cases;
  • If the request is not for User’s own account.
  • If the request is for the damages caused by sharing, transferring, or trading account information to a 3rd party.
  • If the request is for the incident which occurred more than 5 days prior to the request.
By Company policy, recover is not possible for the loss of goods or items caused by fraud.
Company cannot assist in the loss or change of items, game money, etc. caused by the User's carelessness, intention, negligence, or failure to understand the contents of the Terms of Service, Operation Policy and any prior notices by the Company.
User's game data (items, etc.) may be modified, changed, or deleted by Company’s operational judgement or game planning. In this case, recovery is not possible.
In the event of any modification, change, or deletion of User’s game data (items, etc.), Company shall notify Users in advance.

Article 8. In-game Disputes Between Users
In principle, Company does not intervene in disputes between Users. However, if the dispute deals with any restrictions set by the Terms of Service, and the Operation Policy,Company reserves the right to intervene or arbitrate depending on the severity of the problem or the impact it would have on the game. Also, depending on the severity, User(s) may be restricted from using the service without prior warning.

Article 9. Criteria for Service Restriction
Bad Manners
  • Actions that interfere with or harasses other users from using the game service.
  • Actions that create problems in the overall game service or game balance, such as creating problems in the game’s economic system.
  • Actions which are offensive through excessive posting, abusive language, sexual expression, abusive language to one’s parents, advertisements, etc.
  • Spreading rumors without facts, any acts that violate relevant laws, public order or morals
Impersonation (company employees and operators)
  • Intentionally interrupting events in the game, etc.
  • Acts that slander the Company or GM for no reason, or intentionally interfere with GM's work.
  • Deceiving as a GM or Company official, requesting personal information from others.
  • Spreading false facts not announced by the Company or GM.
  • Promoting commercial content or harmful information to other users.
  • Randomly changing and distributing game announcements.
Abusing system errors (bugs) (abnormal play)
  • Making illegal (unfair) profits by exploiting game system errors.
  • Obtaining paid items (Rubies), EXP, Items, etc. in an abnormal way continuously.
  • Continually acquiring items or points at a level that is impossible to obtain by a normal game play, and not reporting it to the Company.
  • Continually abusing any game system errors despite announcements was made by GM through in-game annoucement or through the official game website or blogs about the errors.
  • Abetting others to abuse game system errors.
  • Intentionally abusing game system errors with other users.
  • Abnormal play (abusing) of obtaining EXP and points by manipulating the game outcome in an illegal way.
  • Taking advantage of game system errors (bug) to get an unfair advantage or interfering game balance.
  • Promoting or advertising abnormal game play (abusing), or error abusing, to a specific person or to unspecified users.
Illegal programs (production/use/distribution/promotion)
  • Using illegal program to play the game in an unfair way and causing damages to other users.
  • Tampering or attempting to hack the game program / application, or disseminating such content.
  • Producing, distributing, selling or promoting in-game systems (bugs) or illegal programs.
  • Promoting or advertising illegal programs, or instructions to how to use illegal programs, to a specific person or to unspecified users.
  • Attempt to use illegal program was confirmed by Company’s system log analysis.
  • Use of illegal program was confirmed by Company’s system log analysis.
Cash transaction
  • Trading in-game items (in-game contents such as items or characters) for cash or goods of financial value, or conducting, or attempting to conduct, transactions between IDs.
  • Attempting to conduct cash transactions, or any actions that is considered to be similar, at the Company’s sole discretion.
  • Trying to exchange any voucher of monetary value to in-game items, or in-game money, or any actions that is considered to be similar, a the Company’s sole discretion.
  • Using in-game chat function, or by any similar method, to advertise or promote cash transactions.
  • Conducting commercial advertisements to pursue one’s own profit unrelated to the Company, using in-game chat or by any similar method.
Interfere with game operations
  • Promoting unhealthy gambling within the game, or distributing advertisements that promote gambling.
  • Distributing false facts, or gaining unfair advantage by spreading unannounced secret information, or causing confusion and damage to others
  • Making false reports about other users.
Any action that violates the naming (title) policy
Exploiting the Company, or open market stores, payment process
  • Exploiting all processes related to membership, registration, game use, payment, payment cancellation, etc. provided by the Company and open market stores
  • Spreading the abuse method to other members, or using the method to cause damage
As a policy, sanctions may also be applied for any similar behaviours ot specified above, which interferes with normal service operation, or with other people’s game use.

Article 10. Game Use Restrictions
The Company may take sanctions against the User according to the cumulative number of unlawful act of violation (including each detail conditions).
Classification 1st Warning 2nd Warning 3rd Warning Final Warning
Non-manner Behavior 1 Day Suspension 3 Days Suspension 7 Days Suspension According to the judgement result Permanent suspension is possible
(Company Employees and Operators)
1 Day Suspension 3 Days Suspension 7 Days Suspension According to the judgement result
Permanent suspension is possible
System Errors Bugs and Abusing (Abnormal Play) 7 Days Suspension
(Items and data reset)
30 Days Suspension
(Items and data reset)
Permanent Suspension According to the judgement result Permanent suspension is possible
Illegal program
(Producing/ Using/ Distributing/ Promoting)
Permanent Suspension
(Investigate Request to Law Authority according to the severity of conditions)
Cash Transaction 3 Days Suspension 7 Days Suspension 30 Days Suspension According to the judgement result Permanent suspension is possible
Interfere Game Operations 7 Days Suspension 30 Days Suspension Permanent Suspension According to the judgement result Permanent suspension is possible
Naming Policy Violation Mail Warning Force Name Change 1. Mail Warning
2. Force Name Change after 24 hour
1. Mail Warning
2. Force Name Change after 24 hour
3. 3 Days Suspension
According to the judgement result
Permanent suspension is possible
Exploiting the Company and open market store payment process Permanent Suspension
The Company may recover unfair profits (game money, items, etc.) obtained due to system errors and abusing behavior.
If a member commits two or more unlawful acts at the same time, the sanctions may be increased.
All abnormal game data acquired through unhealthy acts will be deleted and cannot be recovered.
Members who have an objection to the Company's sanctions can apply through the following customer center.
In case problem occurs in relation to a user’s objection to the sanction(s), related data may be shared with the relevant authorities.
For the matters not defined by this article, and for the interpretation of this article, Terms of Service shall be used. All other matters shall be governed by the relevant laws and normal business practices.

Article 11. Guest ID (Account)
The guest ID (Account) belongs to the device. ID (account) information may be lost due to actions that may cause the device’s data to be moved, lost, or altered, such as device loss, factory reset, cache, and data deletion.
The Company cannot provide assistance with problems (loss, etc.) that occur when you do not bind your ID with your account.

Article 12. Operational policy to protect human rights of GM and CS
If you interfere with work by personal infringement, abusive language, defamation, sexual harassment, threatening expressions, or words or statements that can cause serious mental health issue through 1:1 inquiry, the following actions may be taken.
Classification 1st Warning 2nd Warning Final Warning
Human Rights Violations Warning and Consultation Suspension 3 days Suspension 7 days Suspension
  • 1:1 inquiry will resume if the inquiry does not include any violations of the Operating Policy.
  • If profanity, sexual harassment, personal infringement, or threatening expressions are repeated even after the final warning, the suspension of game use (7 days) may be cumulatively applied. The cumulative sanction date applies up to 30 days.
If the violation of the human rights to our CS is serious, as in the example below, the game may be restricted without prior warning.
1. Profanity, insults, and abusive language using the appearance of cs personnel or certain body parts
2. Ask CS representatives for private meetings or make obscene jokes
3. Sexual expression, profanity, and abusive language aimed at or used by cs representative family members
4. Displaying images, such as photos that could give cs personnel sexual shame;
5. Any act by a CS representative that may make you feel sexually disgusted or ashamed
If abuse, sexual harassment or personal infringement occurs in multiple accounts accessed from the same IP or device information, we will judge it as an act by the same person.

Supplementary Provision.
The operation policy was implemented on January 1st, 2019.
Effective date(or last updated) 14 july, 2020