Outlaw BI Outlaw BI


You may refuse to consent to the selective collection, use and provision of personal (credit) information. There may be restrictions on benefits according to the purpose, such as restrictions and provision (event information, announcements, discount events) in relation to disagreement.
There are no fire chariots associated with that rogue contract. Even if you have given your consent, you may lose your consent or stop us from contacting you for marketing purposes.

1. Purpose of collection and use
Collection and use for the purpose of providing information on your products and services and recommending use, marketing activities such as gifts and promotional events, market research and research on product and service development, etc.

2. Collection and use items
- Personal identification information: mobile phone number, e-mail, etc.
- Customer ID, access time, IP address, etc.

3. Retention period
Retention and use from the date of consent until membership registration or cancellation of marketing consent
For more details, please refer to the privacy policy.