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January 28 (Fri) 45th update scheduled

Patch Notes 28.Jan.2022

Hello, I am GM Henry.

The following update will be held on Friday, January 28th.

Please check the details below for details.

Due to the recent corona virus, Google and App Store inspections have been delayed.

The update schedule may inevitably be delayed, so we ask for your patience in this regard.

Estimated inspection time: 1/28 (Fri) 09:00 ~ 11:00

To minimize unnecessary inspection time

We ask for your understanding as the maintenance time may change depending on the circumstances of the App Store.

[Update Details]

1. The game sound is changed.

- Matching and battle sounds are changed.

2. New skills are added.

- Skill Name: Hellbit

- Rank: Legend

- Attribute: Magnetism

- Description: Flames rise from the bottom of the opponent's camp and attack the area around the enemy.

3. Class 1~3 AI difficulty has been lowered.

4. The challenge mission is modified.

- Fixed items that cannot be cleared for challenge missions

- Participate in 1VS1 battle 300 times → Participate 150 times

- Win 150 1VS1 battles → Win 100 times

- Use special moves 400 times → 200 times

- Bullet dodge 5000 times → 3000 times

- Daily/Continuous Connection Reward Class 4 → Class 1 Open

5. Skill balance is changed.

bullet mount

Attack power increased by 3

Number of first recharges: 0 → 1

ray cannon

Increases attack power by 5

Cooldown: 10 → 8

wave core

Maximum number of recharges: 1 → 2

laser mounting

Maximum number of charges: 1 → 2


Duration: 4 → 3 drops

6. The part where the profile picture was not exposed in the friendly match has been fixed.

7. In-game, when taking damage, the font is divided into enemy/ally.

If the post is modified due to the addition of other notices

Please note that (additional) is indicated in the title.

Please read the notices and updates carefully.

thank you.