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White Day Event

Event 07.Mar.2022

Hello outlaw

I am GM Henry.

We have prepared a white day roulette event.

Please see below for more details.

Event Name: White Day Roulette Event

Period: 2022. 3. 7 ~ 2021. 3. 14

How to participate:

- If you participate in battles during the event period, you will receive a roulette ticket.

- If you consume 3 tickets, you can play roulette once.

-Acquire items as rewards according to the probability.

Acquisition Reward:

- 3 rubies

- 30 rubies

- 500 gold

- Class A card pack

- Creature card pack

- S-class card pack

- SS grade card pack

- 1 Legendary Confirmation Pack


- Event benefits can only be received during the event period.

- Acquisition of rewards through fraudulent means may result in collection and sanctions.

We ask for the participation of all outlaws.

thank you.