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Global Update!

Notice 30.Jul.2021

Hello, this is GM Henry.

The following update will be held on June 22 (Tuesday).

Please check the details below for details.

Due to the recent corona virus, Google and App Store inspections have been delayed.

The update schedule may inevitably be delayed, so we ask for your patience in this regard.

Estimated inspection time: 6/22 (Tue) 06:00 ~ 08:00 (Korean time)

To minimize unnecessary inspection time

We ask for your understanding as the maintenance time may change depending on the circumstances of the App Store.

[Update Details]

1. Skill balance is changed.

2. A new skill Thorn Trap is added.


- Place 2 traps in the opposing camp. If you hit the trap, you will instantly become frozen.

3. The loading image is changed.

- The loading image is changed to Lindsay Illustration Art.

4. The skill gauge bug in tag mode is fixed.

- A bug where skill 4 is infinitely charged near the potion gauge is fixed.

If the post is modified due to the addition of other notices

Please note that (additional) is indicated in the title.

Please read the notices and updates carefully.

thank you.